Stuttgart Germany

I’ve been long over due in needing a break, a break away from LA. I’ve been to Munich many years ago and loved the culture, history, people, food, beer, chocolate and it goes on and on. I decided its time to go back to Germany. Here’s a glimpse of my recent trip to Stuttgart, Germany.

Los Angeles (LAX) to Stuttgart (STR): 11 1/2 hr flight time. In preparation for landing, I loved the endless green fields. It reminds me of back home (Kansas).



Stuttgart is most known for the birth of Porsche automobile manufacturing. I didn’t go car shopping unfortunately, but going to the museum was just as satisfying.

The body of a Porsche is made of fiber glass, this particular model only takes 2 people to lift it up.

Sleek design and innovation.

The original Hummer was designed by Porsche then sold and used for military use, I had no idea.

Remember this cutie? Sally Carrera from Disney movie “Cars”. Wish it was for sale.

My favorite one of all, my favorite color and with my birthdate.


Stuttgart Mitte, the downtown of Stuttgart or also known as “the pedestrian zone”. Endless shopping, cafes, museums and a great place to picnic.

Cute pretzel stands everywhere

Opera house in the back while the ducks and swans guard the front.


Heidelberg Castle, . I tried looking for dragons but found nothing. (JK!) It’s pretty amazing that this was built in the 1600’s and to be able to see this in person is an experience.

Known for the worlds largest wine barrel, so big that I could only get a partial photo of the barrel. It took 130 oak trees to construct this. Can you imagine drinking wine from that?

It really inspires me of the art history Europe has created and the detailed work they put into their architecture. All the intricate detailed carvings.


The last section of the castle that was built for the queen in 1650’s

and lastly our sunset view


I think thats enough for today, to be continued on our next stop in Germany.

Happy Friday!


“Keep it Simple”