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Meet the “kids”

Introducing…..the KIDS!

Nothing is more therapeutic then spending time with my pom “kids”. It’s not easy running a business (if it was easy, everyone would be doing it right?). Its a rollercoaster of ups and downs and doubting myself at times. But through it all, my kids keep me smiling with their cuteness overload. They’re great supporters especially when I take them to local arts and craft fairs to work with me.

Meet Dao Dao: Going on 14 years young, dad of 2, loves sweet potatoes and just a handsome little dude. He’s mellow with an “I don’t give a sh*t” attitude, has a huge heart and just full of life.


Meet Sushi: My forever baby, going on 11 years young, pommy mommy of 2 and just the sweetest. When i’m sad, crying, hurt, she’s the first to be by my side to cuddle and give endless kisses. Her energy instantly makes me feel at peace.


Meet Dai Lo: Dai Lo means “big brother” in cantonese. He’s 7 years young, big brother, has the same personality as his dad Dao Dao. He’s a ladies man with his big smile. Everyone always asks “how did he get that color?” Sushi is “party colored”  which carries all color traits: orange, brown, black and white. So his orange and white traits came from Sushi.


Lastly, meet Mui Mui: Not Miu Miu (the designer) but Mui Mui. It means “little sister” in cantonese. This crazy child is spunky and can get pretty jealous at times. She’s my alarm clock that wakes me up everyday at the crack of dawn with kisses and is the protector/leader of the pack.

Its amazing how our energy from human to dog and vise versa can reflect off of each other. We even have similar personality traits, children like parents right? Not weird at all.

That’s all for today, hope you enjoyed meeting my kiddos.

“Keep it Simple”


This is Vi

Hello to my first blog post! This is something new and completely different for me in starting a journal (blog). Not sure if I’m behind the trend, in the mist or hey let’s see what the future is headed! But I say “why not?”. It’s a great way to share with you how life inspires me to create what I do. Besides the love of jewelry, I have a lot of other interest, hobbies and lifestyle influences that has defined who I am today. Can’t wait to share with you this new journey of capturing my inspirations and the love for traveling, adventures, good eats, puppies (warning, puppy overload) and more!

Thank you for following!

“Keep it Simple”