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Happy Anniversary!

A anniversary present or a gift to your self because you deserve it. Originally this design was made just to have a simple heart necklace to wear everyday. The heart is stationary but it just needed a little something more. Adding a colored gemstone is what it needed for a finishing touch.

This gentleman gifted this special necklace for his girlfriend as an anniversary present, and wanted to incorporate her favorite color. A slightly light bluish green hue, robin egg blue. An Aquamarine gem was the perfect fit as it comes in all sorts of blue green color range from light to dark tones. This gem is unique as its known to have excellent clarity with minute inclusions. The brilliant cut diamonds creating a heart shape, compliments the Aquamarine gem set on 14k white gold. The center stone is a pendent giving it some movement when worn.

Happy Anniversary to these two love birds!

A Vi Ling Forever Love Story

This necklace was recreated into another gem option, check it out here

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What Is A Herkimer Diamond?

A Herkimer diamond is a unique gem, but don’t let the name fool you. This stone is actually a quartz, not a diamond. Then why is “diamond” part of its name? That is because this special quartz is naturally grown with eighteen facets and two points and is as sparkling clear like a diamond. Double terminated is its unique property, meaning it has two faces, giving the illusion that it is a diamond. Why Herkimer? Because this quartz was originally found in Herkimer county, New York.

This gem meant a lot to this gal and wanted to set this stone in a ring. She is quite petite so she wanted a minimalistic look with some detailing. It needed to be extra comfortable and for the ring not to shift too much. This gem has a hardness of 7.5, suitable for a ring, necklace or earrings to wear daily.

The final look. A thin European shank band with scroll detailed engraving. The stone is nested by the two point ends.

The clearness and shape of the stone is its own beauty making it truly a one-of-a- kind.

A Vi Ling Forever Love Story

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A Europe Proposal

Choosing a colored stone other than a diamond is the new trend. Although diamonds are classic but why not make your forever piece even extra special and personal with a colored gem stone! This gentleman came to me wanting to create an engagement ring with his girlfriends favorite color, purple. There is a variety of gem stone options such as Sapphire, Topaz, Amethyst etc. I suggested to this gentleman, why not a Tanzanite?

Tanzanites are a very special, rare and a beautiful gem. It’s natural phenomenon characteristics is showing pleochroism. What is a pleochroism? When the stone is observed at different angles, for Tanzanites, shades of blue to violet will appear. Lighting will effect the strength of the pleochroism as well. This is the stones unique feature and no stone is going to be alike. The durability of a stone must be considered when choosing a colored gem. Tanzanite has a hardness of 7, making it suitable to set on rings for daily wear.

A bluish purple to violet hue Tanzanite

When it came to designing the band, classic was the vision. The stone had a deep pavilion, so creating a higher setting was necessary. To balance out the height, diamonds were added on the shoulder and heart embellishment on the gallery.

The finished look!

The exciting day finally happened! He proposed on their trip to Europe. Such a magical romantic country especially for a proposal story.

Another Vi Ling Forever Love Story

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A Secret Locket

Did you know that the Fortune Cookie charm was the first piece created for the Vi Ling line? This goes back about 11 years ago. Before branching out on my own as an independent jeweler, I was always looking for the perfect fortune cookie pendant necklace. I could never find a fortune cookie that was chubby enough, had a good weight or even hung the right direction. For fun I was experimenting with wax carving, so the first piece I created was a fortune cookie. Being introduced to a castor in Beverly Hills, my first piece was casted.

The fortune cookie charm is still in the line today, its been created in different material variations: silver, gold plated, 14k gold set with pave diamonds. I’ve made it not just in a necklace, but also bracelets, earrings and even into a locket charm.

A mom came to me wanting a special present for her daughter that was graduating from high school. The mom and daughter had a special story of their own with the fortune cookie, this charm was perfect for them. Mom suggested if their birthstones could be incorporated on the charm. So that’s when I came up with a locket charm. A locket that opened to heart shape birthstones.

hinge added for closure

                                               clip closure to the front of locket

The final outcome came out super cute! This was made in 14k gold, with the birth stones of pink sapphire and garnet.

It was exciting to see the transformation of this locket and happy that it is part of this mom and daughter forever love story.

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Mothers Ring

This was my first time creating a “Mothers Ring”. What is a mothers ring? I had to research myself, it’s a collection of birthstones of the mothers children. I learned something new!

This was a fun piece because not only was it just birthstones but each shape chosen also reflected their personalities.

Here are the meanings behind each birthstone and the shapes representation.

1st child is a Peridot (August) in a Princess cut because the daughter is the most like her mom. Princess cut is perfect fit as she is obsessed with the Disney Princesses.

2nd child is a Garnet (January) in a Marquise cut. The son is silly, funny and all over the place. The unique shape of a Marquise soots him perfectly.

3rd child is a Aquamarine (March) in a Brilliant cut. This son is very easy going and goes with the flow so the round shape to a Brilliant cut fits his personality.

4th child is a Ruby (July) and she is the newest addition to the family. She was born with an owie in her heart so it was perfect to have a Heart shape cut Ruby for her.

How did I know which colors to choose from? I created a digital illustration first to set the tones because it was very important that the hues and saturations of each stone had to match well together. This gives me a better visual of the colors and it also made the sourcing process a lot easier.

When it came to designing, I instantly knew where to place each stone. I designed this ring that all of the birthstones met together in the middle, connected by an outer circle for the meaning of Unity.

This was a very fun project and I’m honored that I was able to be part of this Forever Story. I love creating pieces for those that are wanting to tell a story with their jewelry piece and that can be passed on to generations to come.

Hope you enjoyed todays post!

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